So, you’re a YouTuber but now making that YouTuber money and you’re wondering what else you can do to make some money.  Well, we have the answer just for you.  OCTV (OnlineChannel.TV) is a streaming platform that allows you go monetize your videos, wether it is from YouTube, your desktop or dropbox, you can monetize your videos.  How?  Well, it’s quite simple and I will explain it in just a few steps

Step 1:
Create an OCTV account.  You can get one for free

Step 2:
Once you create your account, it’s time to add your Youtube Video.  Simply navigate to “Media” on the left menu, then click on “Add” and select YouTube.  Now Simply enter your YouTube URL ID, not the entire URL but just that video ID which looks like “XS3B7Bvidrjo”. Once you do that, you will immediately see your video. You can edit the title, description and add it to a category in your channel.

Step 3:
Now, you can add a rental price, a purchase price for that particular video; Alternatively, you can have a subscription model where users are paying monthly for that content or all of your content.

Our platform is designed to be easy to use while maximizing your profitability.  If you don’t already have an account, try us and you’ll see for yourself.

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