Okay, Let’s face it, we all want to make money out of our content.  You work really hard to produce your content and it took a while and probably cost you a lot of money to do so as well and you’d like to not only recoup your money but also make money with your content and I think that’s fair.  You’re not in the business to lose money.  We are here to help!

OnlineChannel.TV was built with you in mind because we are producers of content as well and we understand and know all of the pain of producing content and not being able to monetize them.  Wether you’re producing films, fitness videos, health videos or online courses, you can monetize them in multiple ways with our powerful platform.  Here’s how

  1. Subscription (SVOD)
    With OCTV (OnlineChannel.TV), you can create a Subscription package for your users in order to gain access to your amazing content.  You can charge Monthly, Every Quarter or Annually, it’s completely up to you.  You can even set a trial period for your users.
  2. Ads (AVOD)
    Another great way to earn money with your channel is with ads and our platform is already designed to handle ads with a VAST server and if you don’t have access to one, we’ll connect you with one and it does not cost you a penny. This gives you the ability to make your content available for free but still earn income with ads.
  3. Rental
    This is a great way to ear money and it is with video rentals.  You can set a specific price for each video you’d like to rent for a period of 48 hours.  You can have older videos set at a particular rental price and your premium videos at another.   One idea is to have some free content to bring them in and then have some premium content you can charge.  Additionally, you can have a combination of Subscription, Ads and rental as well.  The platform and robust and flexible.
  4. Purchase/Sell
    In Additional to video rentals, you can sell your videos.  Users will not receive a file (similar to Prime Videos) but instead they will have continuous access to the videos they purchase.  You can also charge for any lives streaming sessions.
  5. Donation
    Some of our customers have their content available for free but do accept donations from supporters.  This is a great way to make your content available completely free and have donors support you and your content

We hope that this has been a really helpful article.  If you’d like to try out our platform, simply click here for a FREE, no obligation trial.  You will not need to use any credit card information

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