Why should your start your own streaming channel?  Are there any benefits in having your own channel? How much is it going to cost?  Is it worth it?  Why can’t I just put my videos on Youtube or any other free platform?

Those are extremely valid questions and I will tell you from the start that owning a streaming channel isn’t for everyone.  Let’s take a look at who this is for and the 3 reasons why you should.

  1.  Control
    Unlike other platforms such as YouTube, you do not have any control.  Your videos can be flagged and pulled at anytime and you can be banned.  If you have ads, you don’t have any control of the type of advertising is on your videos.  With your own channel, you have complete control.  You can feature specific videos, charge, and if you decide to have ads, you can control the type of advertisement are on your videos.  If you like to have control of everything, then having your own streaming channel like OnlineChannel.TV is for you.
  2. Monetization
    Do you want to make a fraction from YouTube ads or do you want to make 100% of the profits?  With your own streaming channel, you can rent, sell, have subscription and have ads all in one platform and you get to take away all of the profits.  Having completely control of how you make money is a great reason to have your own streaming channel on.  Register a free account here
  3. Branding
    If you don’t want to fully show off your own brand and highlight your name, then having your own channel with with your own brand is definitely for you.  Some people don’t like the idea of sending someone to someone else’s site or platform in order to see their own brand; Although you can do both tastefully.

So, the big question is how much does it cost to have my own channel and at the end of the day, that’s what matters.  Can I afford it?  Our platform is one of the most robust and powerful currently on the market and is available starting at just $49 per month.  It’s really expensive compare to other platforms that offers much less and at that price, you only need just a handful or subscribers to start making money.  Are you ready to start making money and focus on your brand?  Let’s get started


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